Contemplating marriage?

If you are considering a second marriage, please consider a prenuptial agreement.  These agreements are important if you have children from the first marriage because they help protect the children’s financial future. When new family members join the family they usually want a portion of your assets you had before the second marriage, should you pass away or divorce.


Prenuptial agreements are also important if you have acquired assets before the second marriage that you may not want to split with your spouse and their family, should that marriage end in divorce.


Do I  need one?

In cases where you do not have children, assets, or if your fiancée has a fair amount of assets and you have very little, it may be not in your best interest to draft a prenuptial agreement. If the person you are marrying demands a prenuptial agreement, seek legal counsel that is independent of your fiancée and let your attorney either draft or review the document before you sign it.


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