The firm was established in 2002 as a faith-based law firm by the founder Lynn B. Aust. As a former flight attendant, her desire was to create a welcoming and attentive encounter with each client. The firm holds these values today and is determined to serve the community with courtesy and integrity.



























Finally, at a later date, the back and front porches were converted into additional rooms.  These additional rooms are where our lobby and front office now sit. Public records in Orange County only go back to 1998. We had the opportunity to learn more about our cherished building's history when we handled the probate for a man that lived in our very building as a boy! We purchased the building in 2007 and converted it into the office you see now.


Our conversion included tearing out the kitchen (now the lobby), taking out a wall (now receptionist desk) and tearing out the laundry room (now the staff kitchen).  We refinished the hardwood floors, redid the landscaping, created parking in the other bay area, built a “cat platform” behind the garage, replaced all windows (huge project getting the Historical Registry to approve), and added parking stripes and lighted sign in on the streetside.


We’ve intentionally furnished and decorated in keeping with the 1916 era wanting it to be a warm and inviting place. We love our building and the history behind it. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



The Town of Orlando was incorporated in 1875 with only 85 residents, 22 of whom were qualified voters.  Colonialtown South is the area where our building is located and this neighborhood was developed mainly between 1883 and 1945.


Our building was established in 1916 and is listed on the Historical Preservation Registry for the City of Orlando. From inside the attic, you can tell the large, main room in the center of the building is the original 1916 structure, complete with fireplace and burn marks on the original hardwood floor from the wood burning stove that was added later.


The three “bedrooms” were added later and we now use them as our conference room, Caitlin’s office, and Lynn’s office. Sometime in the 50’s, the standalone garage was added. The owner apparently liked his cigars because the walls are still covered with vintage cigar box lids.







1220 East Livingston Street

Orlando, Florida 32803

Our firm distinguishes itself not by its size, but by our passion for client service and care. We understand that clients have alternatives when it comes to legal services and that we have to earn your business and referrals each and every day.














If you have a question regarding an estate or trust, probate,  guardianship, Medicaid, or corporate matter we are here to help. Call us today to set an appointment.