What is an Estate Plan?

An Estate Plan is a comprehensive package of legal documents that are tailored to your individual situation and created to protect you and your family. It typically includes a Revocable Trust, Power of Attorney, Living Will, Healthcare Surrogate, and other legal safeguards that serve as the foundation in the management of your assets.


What Does Estate Planning Accomplish?

Having an Estate Plan gives you the ability to direct where your property will go after your death and how your assets will be managed in the event you are not able to do so yourself. Without a Will, the State will designate someone to administer your estate, which can lead to further expenses charged against your property.


Why Do I Need an Attorney?

We've all seen the "Will Kits" available online. Wills are governed by state law, which changes frequently. Many Will Kits say they are valid under Florida law, but the reality is that most are drafted to be generally used in most states. Additionally, few are updated to reflect the latest legal changes. The signing or execution of a Will in Florida is very specific to ensure the Will is valid. The Florida Probate Court views an improperly executed Will the same as not having a Will.


Estate Planning Forms

Please contact our office for an intake form or download our intake from our website before your initial appointment. You may also return it to our office by email.















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